School Activities

School Activities with Mini Golf

Mini golf, also called miniature golf, is a variant of small golf, so the main difference with conventional golf is that it is practiced in a much smaller area. Basically the rules are the same, although to practice it is not necessary to have knowledge of golf or a good state of form.

What is mini golf?

Miniature golf or mini golf is a miniature version of the game of golf. The mini golf is a game derived from the practice of conventional golf, this being a game of golf on a reduced scale.

Basically, the rules that govern the mini golf are the same as the traditional golf game, but to play mini golf does not require any special talent or knowledge of the game, besides that you do not need an optimal physical condition. The mini golf is built geometrically and is made of artificial materials that are like a rug.

In addition to the conventional mini golf play outdoor, there is mini golf in a closed space, which has achieved great reputation in recent years, especially in countries with mostly cold weather during most of the year, such as Canada and the countries of northern Europe. It is popular because you can play all year round, and in addition, you can create certain types of obstacles that could not be achieved with the inclement weather.

Design of the mini golf field

The fun of this game is that during the course in the mini golf fields, there are different obstacles that will prevent the player from achieving the goal at the first shot. You rarely get a hole with a shot, so the challenge of the game is very broad.

Depending on the design of the fields, you can find volcanoes, water wells, dolls in motion, tubes or unevenness that delimit the holes. Everything, in order to make the route more attractive.

The playing time can differ: between 45 minutes and an hour and a half it takes to complete the 18 holes, depending on the number of people who play.

To play mini golf is not necessary to have large implements, the clubs are made of iron and can be used by left-handed or right-handed people; the balls are available in the game places.

The synthetic turf is suitable for any type of shoe, although it is recommended that tennis be used for greater stability and comfort when making the plays.

The mini golf is very safe because it is not allowed to make shots with much force and the swing (movement of the stick) must be done no higher than the knees.

For children, it is special for teaching children between 4 and 12 years old. It allows children to learn by playing and quickly, this system is developing coordination to play golf in the future, through fun games.

Golf is one of those sports that grows on people and can be a life-long passion. For children it’s easy for children to learn to play golf. It’s also good for children to understand the simple yet important values found in golf

These values are: Respect, Tolerance, Honesty, Appreciation, Solidarity, Kindness, Justice, Friendship, Loyalty, Generosity, Hard Work, Humility, Prudence, Freedom, Perseverance, Dignity and the Strength.

The fact of playing games related to golf for children, or small games of mini golf with some type of compensation, can make the sport much more enjoyable for children.