Promotional Merchandise

Promotional products are affordable, but aimed to lure potential clients to finish the writing that can make your potential client interested in your products. Branded products such as pens and cups can be used in the office. Not only are they essential to the office use, but also benefits business in several ways. Using branded products lead to a long lasting brand impression.

The reason behind giving such branded products to your customers is to build trust. The customers are able to appreciate the gifts and be grateful for them. In turn, they may turn loyalty to the goods and services you produce.

Every business needs to have an advertising campaign in order to grow and survive business wise. Most promotional items & merchandise is a great way for your products to find their way into the homes and offices of potential clients. Below are the benefits of using such promotional material:

Sense of Brand Loyalty

A successful business must ensure a good customer engagement the first time you interact with them. Giving a free gift is an assurance that you’ve engaged the client. Everyone loves gifts despite the size or its cost.

Furthermore, studies have shown that giving customers gifts increases the chances of a customer choosing you over your competitors. In turn, it creates brand loyalty. After the conversation is over, use of a promotional product enhances loyalty.

In fact when businesses are showcasing their products, the customers tend to visit a stand that has promotional merchandise. Giving of gifts helps you in starting a conversation with a client which may lead to an ultimate sale.

Building Customer Relationships

Giving out branded products helps in strengthening the relationship between you and your existing customer. Your brand identity benefits when you give out the products. By giving the customers such products, their emotions are triggered and they get excited. You can use the excitement to advertise your products, instantly appeal to the consumers.

Customer Retention

Using promotional merchandise is a good way of showing your existing customers commitment. As studies have shown, getting a new client requires effort, five times compared to retaining an existing client. Therefore, it is worth to invest in keeping your existing clients. Provide them with tangible products to keep them interested in your brand.

Cost Effective

In terms of impression, promotional merchandise is less costly compared to other forms of advertising. Branded merchandise, as a form of marketing strategy, has a low cost per impression than other forms of conventional advertising.

While TV, newspaper and other forms of advertising are indirect and passive, branded merchandise attracts a more active customer base.

Increase Sales

Promotional merchandise has been known to make a lasting impact on a customer’s life. In turn, both the potential and existing customers purchase the product, generating sales. Research has proven that promotional merchandise is a form of advertisement with 50.7% success of a call to action.

Therefore, it means if a promotional merchandise has a call to action such as call this number, you have a higher chance of success than on other media.

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