How to play football?

Football is the most played sport in the world and also one of the oldest ball games. It is not very difficult to learn the rules to know how to play football.

Some basic notions about football

Concretely, football is a team sport that opposes two teams of eleven players, each with the objective of putting the round ball (spherical) in the opponent’s goal, without using the arms. In general, the winning team will then be the one who has managed to score the most goal than the other. So, to the question how to play football, the best way to answer it will probably be to fly over the few fundamental principles of football.

How to play football?

As mentioned above, playing football is to put the ball in the opponent’s goal without using either the arms or the hands. Only the goalkeeper will be able to use it, and that only in its surface of repair. To know that if one of the players on his team gives him a foot pass, the goalkeeper will not be able to grab or touch the ball with his hands.

In addition to hand-offs, there are also fouls mainly concerning unsportsmanlike behavior, as well as overly aggressive or dangerous contact between players. To know that a tackle can be authorized, but it is regulated. Thus, a tackle from behind is punished with a red card (expulsion). For faults considered less serious, the penalty ranges from a verbal warning to a yellow card. Note that when a player gets a second yellow card, he will be kicked out of the field. In addition, fouls are also sanctioned by a direct or indirect free kick, or by a penalty kick (if the foul was committed in the penalty area).

Otherwise, to prevent the attackers from waiting for the balls behind the opposing defense, and to encourage them to actually play football, the offside rule has also been put in place. The principle is simple: there must be at least one opposing player (apart from the goalkeeper) between the attacker and the opponent’s goal line, at the moment when the passer carries out his pass. These few rules have been set so that players can play football in a sporty and disciplined way. Indeed, how to play football if there is not a minimum rule to respect? In all, to play football, we must take into account 17 laws of the game, all related to the question how to play football.

In addition, playing football must be a passing game, not the individual (dribbling game). As Michel Platini always says so well, “the ball will always go faster than the player”. And since the match lasts 90 minutes in two halves of 45 minutes, it is therefore important to put in place one or more strategies on how to play football. This is why the teams choose to play football using various techniques (training 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-4-1, etc.).

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