Exploring the City of Perth

Perth is one of the most unique Australian cities you can find in the land down under. It has a variety of things to offer reflective of its history and its strong preference for outdoor adventures that are close to nature. Perth is one of the cities who values a peaceful way of living, and though it is a modern city it has not lost the parts of it that retains the classic feel and old ways of living. If you are planning a trip to Perth, allow us to help you with you itinerary to ensure you make the most out of your visit.

Go on Hiking

There are many hiking trails in Perth offering the best views. If you are looking for one near the city there is one that runs about a thousand kilometers from east of Perth to Albany. The trail offers many areas to explore and varying degrees of elevation. There are also camp sites where you can pitch a tent and spend the night before completing the rest of the track. For families who would like to try out a different kind of experience for their kids, hiking is the way to go.

Go on a Wine tour

The Swan valley wine tours are most accessible from Perth. Many of the touring agencies you can find in the city would offer the wine tours as part of a full day itinerary. The tours are very convenient as most packages already include your transportation. You have the option to also include a gourmet lunch in the itinerary for a hassle free and seamless experience. Swan valley is a fertile strip of land that allowed for the best grapes in the world to grow and thrive. The fertile lands are a huge factor to the number of growing wineries in Perth. A trip to the land down under is never complete without getting a taste of the world renowned Australian wines.

Explore the city’s History

As modern as it appears on the surface, Perth is a city rich in culture and history. There are many buildings and structures you can find in the city center that will remind you of its rich past where most of it are remnants of the original British colonizers. Sites such as the Fremantle Prison or also known as the Fremantle Jail, which served as a former penitentiary in this region where the infamous escape of 6 Irish convicts took place in 1876. Functioning structures such as the Perth Mint which is now the exclusive maker of Australian coins can take you on the long history of the country’s bank notes and its evolution over time.

When you are in Perth you need to be a local and be one with the estimated 2 million people who calls it home. Getting a long with the locals is easy because everyone seems to be very welcoming to tourists. Perth is a modern city who values its historical roots, and over the years transformed itself into the great city it is known as today.

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