Designing Teamwear

Things to keep in mind When Designing Team wear

Are you looking for a company to design custom team wear? When designing a team’s uniform there are several things which should be kept in mind. Picking the right teamwear can help boost your team’s confidence. Not only would it help them look their best but improve morale as well. After all which team doesn’t appreciate looking well turned out and confident

When designing teamwear just make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Logo printing

Whether the team represents a club, belongs to a sorority or is playing for a company, a logo helps mark the team. It displays that the team is playing for a particular company or educational institution. This helps set them apart from other team and enforces a spirit of unity. If there is already a logo in your mind, you need to get it across to the teamwear designers. They would then ensure that its displayed loud and proud on the fitness gear worn by the team.

Choosing colors

Though most companies don’t pay a great deal of attention to colors but a colored kit which is designed in a smart way can add to your team’s look. For inspiration you can take a look at the team wear designed by the company for previous clients. Pick a color which represents your team’s spirit.

The teamwear should be according to the sport being played

The teamwear which you select for your team should be comfy and should enhance the athletes’ performance. It should be designed according to the sport played by a particular team. For example, if a team plays soccer or football, shorts and tee shirts are the best option. For a team which play cricket, cricketing gear should be chosen. Importance should be given to footwear as well. The best way to improve the team’s morale is to make sure that everyone wears uniform gear, be it footwear or helmets. This uniformity helps build the team’s spirit.

The teamwear should be sturdy yet comfortable

One thing to keep in mind is that there should be absolutely no compromise on quality. Saving a few bucks might seem like a smart option but in the long run you would only have to invest more in the team’s uniforms, especially if their old ones start falling apart way too soon. A smartly turned out team always has more confidence and a better morale.

The clothes which your team wears should be sturdy yet comfortable. The more comfortable they are while they are playing, the better would be their athletic performance. Choose material which is weather friendly. Avoid clothes with too much natural material as these tend to get weighed down with too much sweat instead choose fabrics which dry up quickly and doesn’t weigh down your players. Choose material which wicks moisture quickly and effectively. However if the weather is cold incorporate clothing material accordingly.

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