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Designing a Great looking T-shirt

Have you been thinking of getting your own T-shirt printing start up? Designing a T shirt is a great way of letting your creativity show, plus it can also be a great source of income. With more people interested in customized designs and one of a kind clothing, your T shirts could be hugely popular. However, there are so many businesses churning out T shirts by the dozens, so how do you make sure yours stand out amongst the competition.

The following are a few pro tips which could help you design a great looking T shirt.

Develop your concept

As a creative person you may be flooded over with a variety of things you want to put on canvas. However, what looks good on paper might not look great on a T shirt. That’s why it’s necessary to develop your concept in a way which helps make the end product look amazing enough for someone to buy.

Imagine how the design would stand out on a T-shirt

So you have finally brainstormed a great looking design, that’s well and good. Now its time to test that concept on a T shirt. There are a few apps which could help you get a fair idea of how your design would look in print. Make sure you take your time and make amends before getting it printed.

Keep it simple

While detailing can add a certain zing to your T-shirts but often it may overshadow your actual design. The simpler your design the better it would look. Leave the detailing for more creative pieces which are for specific clients. If you are thinking of creating a design which appeals to the masses, choose simplicity over anything too fancy.

Study your niche

Would you like to design for the young and trendy? Are you interested in children’s fashion? It all depends upon which niche you would like working in. once you study your niche, it would give you a fairly good idea of how things would work. Young adults prefer things simple yet unique, while kids prefer bright and colorful prints. Just know what your clients would like and things would be easier.

Choose appropriate humor

Now this one is a given. Anything which is too suggestive might appear cheap and wouldn’t appeal to many people. It’s always ok to use dank humor, there’s a great market for it. However subtle jokes are best. They are less offensive and allows the wearer to explore their humorous side without appearing overboard.

Don’t be afraid to use apps

Using the right designing apps could really help lessen your burden. Not only would it save time but can be a life saver especially when you feel your creative juices slowing down.

Sourcing your work

Make sure you hire a good printer to help design your T shirts. Good printing quality and excellent fabric can make your designs look great and appealing.

Using all the above mentioned techniques would help you design a great looking T-shirt.


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