Botanic Gardens

Information on Wanneroo Botanic Gardens in Perth

Would you like to have an affordable family activity that caters to you and your family on a tropical holiday? Try visiting Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. It is conveniently located 30 minutes away from the Perth CBD and provides amazing activities that are appropriate for both adults and kids.

Wanneroo’s Mini Golf is impeccable for people who want to have fun out. It will provide you with a great, social and relaxing opportunity to catch up with work colleagues, family, and friends. Besides, you can have a chance to hold a perfect corporate or private team party.

Below are the reasons why you should make Wanneroo Botanic Gardens the best place to have fun.

  1. Spectacular Scenery: Wanneroo Garden will provide you with a great environment to certainly excite your visitors in case you are planning a to host a special or corporate event, a birthday party, or a wedding. Besides, it will serve as the best site for filming and photography during your events.
  2. Great Fun: You can have your whole family hosted in one of the premier garden environment in Perth.
  3. Fantastic location: The leapfrog tent that is positioned inside the garden will be a useful reception space for your wedding since it has amazing views, where your visitors can relish canapés and pre-dinner snacks.
  4. Night Golf: At Wanneroo Gardens, there is a night golf t6hat is open in the evenings from Thursday to Sunday. You can invite your friends and family to have a great night fun out there as you enjoy the most illuminating games.
  5. You will experience Great Features: The gardens have a wonderful oasis of beautiful flowers, greenery and a relaxing place surrounded by waterfalls, streams, trees, and lots of ponds.
  6. Amazing Garden: Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is among the leading and outstanding gardens in Western Australia. The garden features hidden streams, ponds, different gazebos, and beautiful green lawns attached to the hot vegetation. You can find it enjoyable as you visit the place at any time of the year.
  7. Excellent Mini golf course: Although pricey, the course will offer you lots of fun to make your day and they of your whole family lovely. Besides, there is a good option for both younger and older children.
  8. Has a cool environment: While exploring many rockeries, flower displays, and waterfalls, you will have the capacity to stroll in a speckled shade of tall trees.
  9. Unique Ceremony positions: The garden has got two unique areas that you can use to hold ceremonies and each with a different ambiance thus offering you a perfect setting for your special day.
  10. Moderately Priced foods: Wanneroo, you can get good food at reasonable prices, but delicious and will give you a delightful dining experience and will make your guests enjoy every bite of it. This is also accompanied by great snacks.

Arrange your beautiful event today.  Ideally, you will enjoy your mini golf games surrounded by well-maintained gardens that have matured with more attraction. The 18-play Holes of Mini at the gardens is based on proficient European criterions with a beautiful landscape.  Generally, each trajectory in the game is exclusively fashioned with curves, water, and obstacle features to make you think as you strategize on how to reach the hole.